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Hello Horatio

As an animal allergy sufferer, I had to make do with stuffed animals as pets when I was younger. Not like in taxidermy "stuffed animal" but more like the stuffed animals that actual pets enjoy destroying. You know, those big fluffy ones you'd win at an arcade after sinking way too many quarters in the claw machine game? Well, those over-priced pets became my friends. That's probably why I tend to anthropomorphize inanimate objects as much as I do. My stapler's name is Wanda (she's a feisty one), my door stop is Lil' Pete and this owl is named Horatio.

He's a sweet, woodsy owl with a flair for fashion. He's very easy to take care of and is a vigilant housemate due to never blinking. Maybe he does blink, I've just never seen it. Aside from the constant need for owl eye drops, he's not much trouble. He comes with his own home too!

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