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My Weird Vintage Love

Yes, it's flashlights. At least my love used to be vintage flashlights. I collected these flashlights for about ten years. It started at an early morning yard sale. I beat my uncle up a steep drive and was the first person in our group to the table of goodies an older gentleman was selling. I instantly reached out and snatched up an old flashlight with a rope handle.

I asked the seller how much it was and I ended up being the proud owner of a thirty-five cent flashlight. My Uncle was kicking himself for not getting to it first. I felt a little bad, thus began a ten year adventure of collecting and buying up any extra long flashlights I came across. I only ever came across one or two a year and none even close to that first price. But I still bought them.

Time for them to find new homes now. Who wouldn't want a large, vintage flashlight? Fill them with D batteries and they make for excellent battering rams too!

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